Raw food isn’t a religion. While there are many “gurus”, eating raw food is simply about eating healthy. It’s a lifestyle choice, not a cult you join.
Raw fast food. If you want to be raw, stopping by a fast food restaurant on the way home from work isn’t an option. Aside from the fact that it’s all cooked, fast food tends to be incredibly nutrient poor. Eat a bunch of bananas instead. The raw food facts make it more worthwhile.
100% isn’t necessary. If going completely raw is too hard, try for 75% raw. Use the last 25% for nutrients that you find it hard to get from fresh fruits and vegetables.
Detox. A great way to detox is to eat a raw food diet for a while. The raw food diet benefitsare incredible.
Food isn’t always raw. Nuts are often heated during processing for example. Isn’t that one of the weird raw food facts?
Some people need to exercise caution. Pregnant women, the elderly and children all need to be careful when eating a raw food diet.
Eat meatloaf. Yep, that’s right. There’s such a thing as raw vegan “meat loaf”. It’s made with walnuts, pecan, carrots, peppers, celery, onion, paprika and garlic.
Pop culture references. One of the interesting raw food facts is that the raw food diet was mentioned on Sex and the City when the girls went to a fictional raw food restaurant.
Raw food can be expensive. Organic fruit and vegetables generally cost double what you’d pay in an ordinary supermarket. It sucks, but to avoid pesticides and genetically-modified food, you have to pay a premium. See List of Raw Foods for ideas.
Enhance your digestion. Raw food is known to aid the digestive system as it provides abundant fiber, keeping your bowels regular and colon cancer at bay.
Raw food is speedy. When I make a salad, it takes me 10 minutes. The clean up? Throw the scraps into the compost and rinse the plate. This great raw food fact is that cleaning is so damn easy!
No sleeping after eating. When you eat a raw meal of fruits and vegetables, you won’t be falling asleep afterwards. Rather than slipping into unconsciousness while your body works on digestion, you’ll be bouncing off the walls with energy.
Forget calories. On a raw food diet, you can forget about calories and diets. What you’ll be eating is so healthy that you can eat as much of it as you want without having to worry about gaining weight.
It’s an enzyme party. Another awesome raw food fact is that you’ll be getting lots of enzymes, which are thought of as the “life-force” of food. To learn more, check out What is Raw Food?
Bye sickness. Most long-term 100% raw foodies haven’t been sick in decades.
Eat like a caveman. The caveman or Paleolithic diet is based on the foods our ancestors supposedly ate. It goes so far as to eliminate ALL grains, potatoes and dairy.
Make it your lifestyle. Going raw isn’t something which you can do for a few days and immediately experience the benefits. You have to approach this from a long-term perspective if you really want to experience the benefits.
Increased mental capacity. Many people find them mental awareness goes through the roof when they eat a raw food diet.
Beat processed foods and send them running from your life. Anything processed has had important nutrients violently stripped out, leaving very little to nourish your body.
No need to be a recluse. Being raw doesn’t mean that you have to live a solitary life. With the internet, you can get in touch with loads of other raw foodies from all around the world. Thousands of people are into the raw food lifestyle.
Be your own guru. This raw food fact is HUGE. In the big, wide world there are thousands of “gurus” who aspire to tell you what to eat and how to live. Forget about them. Run your own experiments and find out what works for you. If raw food isn’t your thing, then get rid of it. However, be sure that you’re not giving up early. At the very least, do a 30 day trial on the raw food diet.